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Sorry y’all thedustincarpenter is off the market we’re getting MARRIED

Shut up and drink your beer

Shut up and drink your beer

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People pressing my flesh,
Taking my time,
They don’t know a thing about my life with you.
I’m trying real hard,
Hard not to care.
'Cause all I ever really want to do,
Is sit around doing nothing with you,
Because nothing’s only fun when you’re there.



The honkies have taken over that video post. It’s hilarious reading what they have to say. They’re all rants that basically say: “GASP! Forget about the white privilege that I’m benefitting from thanks to my ancestors and my race that even to this day dehumanize POCs, also in the historical acts…

Dude I asked a legit question and you’re focusing on the white aspect, AS USUAL. I’m asking how is it appropriate for OTHER people of color to appropriate cultures that aren’t you know AFRICAN AMERICANS WITH PLUGS. How many American-Masai do you know? That’s what IM saying. How is it appropriate for anyone to steal from other cultures, regardless of their skin color. How is it okay for an Asian American to have a stretched labret, which was a body modification practiced by the Maya and Aztec. How is it appropriate for ANYONE to steal from another culture that isn’t their own. Answer me that? Not just “honkies steal because white supremacy”. I am asking a legitimate question.

Multiculturalism is an AWESOME concept. It’s not about what white people can and cannot do. ANYONE should be able to do what will make them happy as long as they are respectful and informed. That’s it. Period. By your logic you shouldn’t be able to like/wear anything with the little mermaid, she is a treasured and hallowed story of the Danes, of which you are not.

When I die bury me next to two bitches ✨

When I die bury me next to two bitches ✨